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The Kube Data Center is designed from the ground up for maximum flexibility, expandability and ease of deployment to address your data center needs. There is no need to build excess capacity for future growth.


A Kube3 System is engineered to expand from 6 racks up to 24 racks. The unique design of the Kube3 System allows any company to expand their capacity and cooling when they need it by adding an additional 6 or 8 rack module.

Liquid Cooling Technology Facts

  1. Water cools at 3,400 times the effectiveness of air
  2. It is less costly to pump liquid than to blow air
  3. Liquid cooling is extremely predictable when close coupled to the heat source
  4. Liquid cooling is highly flexible and can be installed where air cooling the load is not physically possible Water already exists in the data center for building chilled water, including sprinkler systems IcePack's sealed closed loop system uses only 6.9L (1.8 Gal.) of treated water
  5. Localized liquid cooling has been used for over 45 years in IBM mainframes and Cray supercomputers, military electronics, and OEM rack-mount servers that bring liquid cooling right to the server chassis