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Bulldog Containers launches new brand

Bulldog Containers rebrands under the name KubeData Systems Inc. to reflect an expanded position in the mobile and modular data center marketplace. The launch of the Kube3 System moves KubeData beyond the narrower containerized Data Center market to address the increasing requirement for hosting higher density computing equipment.

KubeData Advantage

The KubeData advantage is the high quality of our product lines giving our customers peace of mind for many years. Let’s not forget the cost savings over building a traditional data center. Click here to receive a cost savings case study done with one of our clients.

Building a fixed data center is a slow, labor-intensive process that takes a lot of resources. Building one in a remote location adds even more cost and risk. To go from planning to fully operational can take years and cost millions.

The smart choice is a mobile or modular Data Center from KubeData Systems. A KubeData system is designed to be up and running in weeks. It can be shipped by truck, rail, boat or airplane, and operated in virtually any environment – from deserts to mountain tops, in wet weather or dry. All KubeData systems are engineered to be quickly deployed by IT staff upon delivery.